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Welcome to GeoffChen Photography

GeoffChen Photography is a unique business that specializes in capturing architectural and special event images using the most flattering lighting and angles the industry has to offer. By combining the most modern techniques and the use of High-Dynamic Range (HDR) software, we produce beautifully composed images of homes, businesses or landscapes. A digital image seen thru the eyes of award-winning photographer Geoffrey Chen is the ultimate way to capture a vision you'd like to share with the world.

Used by businesses like the Indiana Repertory Theater, Biltwell Event Center and TalkToTucker Realtors, GeoffChen Photography always delivers jaw-dropping and awe inspiring image for you to use on your website, fliers, banners or whatever your needs may be.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and please browse thru all of our galleries. Images and galleries will change from time to time just to keep things lively, so please check back frequently for new content!

Geoff is available for private hire for events and projects. If interested, please email us at:

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